Red sea experiences

Exodus 14:10- 31

This is a story about the children when God delivered them from the hands of the Egyptians.When the almighty God remembered them,he acknowledged them and decided to deliver them from the Egyptians. I pray today that God will look down from his throne today and acknowledge you in the Jesus name amen.

I will like to shed lights on what transpired at the red sea.

Exodus 14:9-says the Egyptians decided to chase after the children of Israel .Even though they had presence of God and they were God’s favorite, they still had challenges. Brethren the fact that you are a christian does not exempt you from challenges, I have a good news for you, Psalm 34:19 says a righteous man may have many troubles but the lord delivers him from it all. I pray that God will deliver you from that problem, financial mess,joblessness,bareness in Jesus name.Amen

Exodus 14:13-When the children of Israel started complaining,Moses replied ‘Do not be afraid, the Egyptians you see today ,you shall see again no more forever.’ Moses confessed what he wanted. During problems and Challenges, what you confess with your mouth will decide what happens. Numbers 14:28- as I live, says the lord ,’just as you have spoken in my hearing, so I will do to you. Stop confessing loss, diseases,sickness, failure , confess good health, prosperity, favor during challenges. God listens to every conversations, always confess the result you want.

Exodus 14:10 – the children became afraid when they saw the Egyptians. The children of Israel saw their challenges not God,They forgot that they are on the winning side,they forgot that the Holy one of Israel is not a civilian. Jeremiah 11:17says the lord is the Lord of Host. As many of you that are facing one challenges or other , do not worry God will help you. Jeremiah 17:17 says he is the hope in the day of doom.

Exodus 14:15- God intervened and told Moses to lift up the rod and stretch his hand over the sea and divide it. God will intervene to day in Jesus name. Psalm 10:14 calls him the helper of the fatherless.

Exodus 14:19-20 a cloud demarcated the children of Israel and the Egyptians. The cloud gave light to the Children of Israel and cast a shadow on the Egyptians . Brethren God is great, The cloud was so bright that it looked like mid-day in the camp of the children of Israel , the same cloud was so dark that it looked like mid-night in the camp of the Egyptians. I pray that God will cause light to shine on your path today in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Exodus 14:21- the lord caused a strong east wind to blow all night, and made the sea into dry land. I will like to point something here brethren, the bible recorded that a strong east wind blew a sea into a dry land. A wind that divides a sea into two is not a small wind. We hear of Hurricanes blowing off roof tops and tornadoes destroying buildings but tornadoes and hurricanes are just cool breeze compared to this particular wind from the east. I feel sorry for anything around when this kind of wind blows but to our surprise this wind did not affect the children of Israel. It does not matter how strong the wind is , it will not harm you because you are standing with Christ. Psalm 18:2 says the lord is a rock, fortress,deliverer,shield and stronghold.

Exodus 14:22 -the children went on ground land. There are so many reasons why the lord made sure they walked on dry land, some of the reasons are: 1- it is more comfortable to walk on dry land than in the mud; 2- the children of Israel of will work faster on dry land compared to muddy waters; 3-to preserve their leather shoes and sandals as we all know that leathers and water don’t get along and lastly God just wanted you to know that he has the power to do all things.

Exodus 14:25 -the Egyptians chased after the children of Israel on the dry land and the lord took of their chariot wheels.The lord hardened the heart of Pharaoh that he chased the children of Israel into the red sea. Those enemies,challenges that are bent on disturbing you God will sort them out today in the mighty name of Jesus.

Exodus 15:1 Children of Israel were dancing and singing

Friends , it does not matter what you are going through as far as you have God on your side, then victory is guaranteed.God has the ability to deal with all threats 1 Kings 13:4 -A king pointed his hands at a man of God and the hand dried up .I pray today that every hands,situations pointing at you to destroy you will dry up.Amen. The lord can make your enemies to be humble at your feet.1 kings 20:1 -king of Syria besieged Samara, by the time we got to 1 kings 20:21-the armies of Syrians were slaughtered in there thousands,the bible records it as a great slaughter. The Syrians decided that since the God of Israel is a God of hills, they will attack Israel in the plain 1 Kings 20:23 . 1 Kings 20:31 -the King of Syria and the few that were left had no other choice than to be humble because they found out that the Lord is also a Warrior in the plain . The lord can save anywhere, in the sea,on the hills and in the valley. The lord can also fight his enemies in the sea, on the hills and in the valley.

I ask you this question today, are you a friend of God ?John 15:14 -Jesus said you are my friends if you do whatever I command you. Matthew 11:28 – Jesus said Come to me , all you who labor and are heavy laden, and he will give you rest.John 14:6 -Jesus says he is the way the truth and life, no one goes to the father except through him.1 John 2:23 says whoever denies the son does not have the father either;he who acknowledges the son has the father also .

If you have not giving your life to Christ , it is not too late . He will forgive all your sins , did I hear ALL ? Yes all .If you have giving your life before and backslided ,Jesus wants to take you back.

You can do so now by confessing with your mouth that Jesus is lord . Please pray this prayer with me : Lord Jesus, I give myself to You,for You to be my only Lord and Savior. I renounce and repudiate all other loyalties, and I desire no other Lord but You. Please come into me and take control of my life.Mold me to your will and to your use. I ask that you drive out all other spirits which conflict with you in anyway. I want to belong only to you, to be subject only to you. I make this prayer to you, in your name ,the name of Jesus . Amen .

Welcome to Christ brethren , Please join a bible believing church.


Samuel Oluwatoki

Note : You are free to forward this message to all your friends remember Matthew 10:32 says whoever confesses me before men , him I will confess before my father who is in heaven.

A born again Christian. I love reading, watching my favorite team play, and meeting new people.

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