Wednesday 11 July Bible study in one year : Luke 10-13

Memorize : The Lord is the portion of my inheritance and of my cup: thou maintainest my lot. Psalm 16:5

Read:Philippians 1 :19-21

In the devotional for July 4, we saw from John 6:5-13, a young boy offering his lunch to Jesus. It was inferred that at the end of the day the people would have helped him to take home the 12 baskets remains from what he gave. One lesson is that why some giving may take some time to give its yield, some others can give immediate yields.The boy’s gift got immediate returns.But note that the boy’s giving was sacrificial . He had just his lunch when he went with the crowd to listen to Jesus. When the Lord needed food , he decided to fast- to go hungry so that somebody else-even if it one person, could have something to eat. He did not share his meal; He gave it all like the poor widow did with her mite. Sacrificial giving is what brings out the extreme giving qualities of God. In 1 Kings 17:8-16, God turned the last meal of an extremely needy widow into long-last supply but remember the widow first surrendered her last meal. She had the choice of eating her last meal and facing death or sacrificing her last meal to live.She chose right. Many people have found themselves in similar state as the widow but their momentary ,fleshly pleasure did not let them choose right, hence they have plunged themselves into more misery, thereby loosing what God had reserved for them.

A lot has to do with your decision.God may tell you what to do but He will not force you to do it. A right decision is a right decision and a wrong decision is wrong irrespective of the circumstances or excuse that are advanced. Ask God for grace to take the right decision always no matter its immediate effect on you and your family. Sacrifice is a step in the right direction.Romans 12:1 says you should lay your entire life, achievement, family and plans upon the altar of sacrifice. Paul says if i will at all it is to live for Christ and if He wants me to die, there is even greater pain for me ( Philippians 1:21). That means either way, I am a winner. You too can win either way. According to 2 Corinthians 9:6 , to get God’s best , give bountifully. The ultimate of giving bountifully is when you give everything including yourself. If you do this, He will respond and say :’ From today whatever I have is now yours”. Yes , God can be your portion.

KEY POINT: The sacrifice to make God your portion may be enormous but cannot be compared with the unending flow of blessings that will flow

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