Saturday 18 August                                              Bible in one year: 2 Kings 15-17

Memorise: so we say that they could no enter in because of unbelief. Hebrew 3:19


God can restore your lost dreams and destiny when your Jubilee comes. Jubilee is also a time of relocation.The one in bondage is free to go back to his family,another location,a new position , etc. When the day of Jubilee came for Moses ,God moved him from the backside of the desert and placed him at the centre of history.He went from where nothing was happening to where history was being made.Are you where nothing is happening presently? The Lord will soon relocate you to where your contributions would be most valued. Another person who was relocated during Jubilee was Joseph. He was in prison for doing nothing wrong and seem to have forgotten by those he thought could help him. Yet, in Genesis 41:37-46 , when his day of jubilee dawned , God relocated him from prison to throne. Before you were born God had a place you will fit into like a jigsaw puzzle. That place is designed with you in mind. On the day of your Jubilee the Lord will move you form where you are into that position of His entire plan. He has promised that you shall be the head and the tail. That will be your portion this season in Jesus name. What of Lazarus? people ,including his sisters protested that the stench  from his body would drive everyone away. This meant , it was better Lazarus was left dead and buried. But because his day of Jubilee had dawned unknown to his sisters, the Lord relocated him from the grace and turned him into a celebrity. Have people, including your family members written you off? Have they said nothing good can come out of you? Have your teachers told you that you are so daft that you cannot graduate? Have you become a laughing stock to those around you?Have people been looking down on you  and treading on you all your life? Wait a minute! Something good is about to happen.All those people are about to receive the greatest shock of their lives. God is relocating you right to the top. You are moving to the other side of sorrow.

PRAYER POINT: Father , because my jubilee has come , cause me to walk upon my high places.

Excerpts from Open Heavens by Pastor E. A Adeboye

A born again Christian. I love reading, watching my favorite team play, and meeting new people.

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