Pride erodes good records


Friday 31 August                                Bible in one year: Hosea 11-14

Memorise: A man’s pride shall bring him low;but honor shall uphold the humble in spirit. Proverbs 29:23

Read : Revelations 3:14-22

In today’s reading , the Lord wrote a letter to the church in Laodicea. Let us briefly look at their background. Laodicea was a strong financial centre in those days.It had rich inhabitants who thought since they had virtually all they needed,they did not need God. It was the heart of textile manufacturing ,providing specialised medical care for eyes and ears. The church in Laodicea was equally inhabited by wealthy members who thought they could do anything with money.Being wealthy they could afford the best of clothes and medical care.Their comfort and affluence made them  proud people.

If you look closely, the church in Laodicea was the only one out of seven that the Lord had nothing good to say about.Even as bad as sardis was,it still had some good people.Meanwhile,they saw themselves as the happening church,the rich and the affluent church.Laodicea was a church that had all its physical needs met.They could afford the most fantastic auditorium,equipped with the best and most expensive musical instruments.They could afford to publicise every program on air and do glamorous banners. Their church could be said to be what most of our churches today dream to be.On Sundays, if you saw a sister there, you would think there was  a fashion parade  or beauty pageant. It was a prosperous church with all members physically prospering.The latest cars were parked in their parking lots.What a church without a need!Meanwhile as they were celebrating their “immense success”, the Lord was lamenting their wretchedness. In His eyes, they were the exact opposite of who they thought they were.May you never see yourself through your eyes bu His eyes.One lesson here is that we need to steer clear of pride as it erodes all the good works.Anyone who is adorned with any pride blocks God’s view of his or her deeds,except the object of pride. If you fill up a two storey building with good works but you are proud,it is only your pride that would be seen. Nothing will be recorded for your good.The proud is in competition with God.Are you proud?

ACTION POINT: Search yourself for any elements of pride and immediately deal with them before they spoil your work.

Excerpts from open heavens by pastor E.A Adeboye.

A born again Christian. I love reading, watching my favorite team play, and meeting new people.

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