Proverbs 4:7: Wisdom is a principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all your getting get understanding.

You can call the devil any name that will be fine. You can call him a liar that will be fine. John 8:44 calls him the father of lies anyway. You can call him a thief, murderer and destroyer that will be perfectly fine because John 10:10 says he steals kills and destroys. You can call him any name in the world, you are have the perfected right to do so but do not ever call him a fool because he is not. Jesus says in Matthew 10:16, behold I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves which suggest that the serpent (referring to Satan) Is wise .2 Corinthians 2:11 says we should not be ignorant of his devices. One of the wisest men that ever lived was Adam. This man was full of wisdom. He had a mental ability that exceeded all the modern day geniuses

combine together. For a man to have given names to all the animals, organism, microbes, fishes and birds in the world it takes a considerable amount of wisdom and understanding. Asides this, Adam had a very close relationship with God. God usually visited him regularly, for Adam to have had this kind of relationship with God, he must have been really wise because if there is anything the Lord cannot stand, it is the foolish. Psalm 5:5 says the foolish cannot stand in the presence of God. Yet the devil outsmarted him, despite all his ability! Solomon operated at a level higher than that of Adam. According to 1 Kings 4:33 , he was so intelligent that he became an authority in the branch of science dealing with trees, animals, birds, fish and all other living things. He was so wise the bible records in 1 Kings 4:32 that he spoke 3000 thousands proverbs and wrote 1005 songs! Despite all this, the devil still managed to outsmart him and make him sin against God.

This brings us to the question of how the devil managed to cause them to sin against God despite their wisdom. How was he able to trick them? Were they careless? They were certainly not careless, they all lacked one small thing; the fear of God. It is impossible to fear God and still disobey Him. It is impossible to fear God and still court His wrath. By wisdom kings reign – Proverbs 8:15; Wisdom brings riches and honor – Proverbs 8:18; those who find wisdom can be compared to he who finds life – Proverbs 8:35. The moment the fear of the Lord is missing in all these, one becomes a toast in the hands of the enemy. The only fellow the enemy cannot bring down or outsmart or cause to offend God is that fellow who truly fears the Lord. One reason why the devil could not outsmart Jesus while He was on earth was because Jesus had the Spirit of the fear of the Lord – Isaiah 11:3

POINT; Father, Please give me the spirit of the fear of the Lord

A born again Christian. I love reading, watching my favorite team play, and meeting new people.

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