1 Peter 1:16 – be ye holy for I am holy.

The Holy Spirit gives power. Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit performed mighty signs and wonders, Acts 10:38. The Holy Spirit gives strength. In Judges 14:5-6, a lion roared against Samson and the Spirit of God came mightily upon him. He grabbed the lion and tore it apart as if he was tearing an ordinary piece of paper. Also in the strength of the Holy Spirit, Samson was able to catch three hundred foxes, Judges 15:4. Anyone who knows foxes will tell you they are extremely smart and quick moving. To catch a fox alive is a miracle talk-less of catching three hundred foxes .The Holy Spirit gives wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Daniel full of the Holy Spirit was found to be ten times better than all the geniuses around, Daniel 1:20. The Holy Spirit is able to protect. Isaiah 59:19 says when the enemy shall come in like a flood; the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Also the Holy Spirit impacts unshakeable confidence. The early disciples found it difficult to witness about Jesus because they lacked boldness but immediately they were filled with the Holy Spirit they began to evangelize with boldness, Acts 4:24-31.

One aspect of the Holy Spirit we do not often discuss is the purity aspect. There is no way we will discuss about the Holy Spirit and not talk of purity. One of the symbols of the Holy Spirit is the dove. The dove is an emblem of purity and innocence. The Holy Spirit will only dwell in a clean vessel. He will only dwell in a body that has been kept pure. The Holy Spirit can do a lot in the life of a man but He expects such man to keep himself pure. By purity we mean without spot or sin. We do not need to be pure to receive the Holy Spirit but purity is essential to keep Him or else He will take His leave. When we study the lives of men who attained their potentials in God, they kept themselves pure. Daniel, Shadrach, Mishael and Abed-Nego kept themselves pure by not defiling themselves with the portion of the king delicacies, Daniel 1:8. Jesus kept himself pure by not bowing down to Satan. Jesus was tested in every way and yet did not sin, Hebrew 4:15. The mother of Samson was advised to keep herself pure by not consuming wine or unclean food while pregnant with Samson, Judges 13:3-4. To keep ourselves pure we need to appreciate a life of holiness. We need to do away with sins like masturbation, fornication, lying, backbiting, adultery, gossiping and so on, so that the Holy Spirit dwell in us. We need to keep our hearts pure; no malice, no hatred; no unforgiveness, no dirty thoughts. We need to do away with things that pollute our minds and body.

PRAYER POINTS: Father, please purify my heart, lip, life and conversation.

A born again Christian. I love reading, watching my favorite team play, and meeting new people.

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