Matthew 14:29 – so He said “Come”. And when Peter had come down out of the boat, he walked on the water to go to Jesus.

To walk on water is a great feat in Jesus. Peter is the only man recorded in history to have walked on water. This man achieved something his fellow disciples could only dream off. He achieved something no man in the history of this world had achieved. The bible is filled with examples of men and women of God who achieved something no man in history achieved. For example, Abraham is the only man in history who cooked for God and God ate his food. Joshua is the only man in history who was recorded to have paused time. He told the sun to stand still upon Gibeon, and the moon in the valley of Ajalon, Joshua 10:12.There are others like Daniel; Shadrach, Meshach and Abed- Nego; Joseph to mention a few. How were they able to achieve this? What was in the life of Peter that was missing in the life of the other disciples?

Firstly, Peter was a man who knew how to take advantage of opportunities. The opportunity came to Abraham to entertain God and he took it. Joshua had the opportunity to work for God and lead Israel; He grabbed with both hands. The opportunity came to twelve disciples but only Peter took it. There are opportunities today to entertain God; opportunities to walk with God; opportunities to work for God please grab them with both hands. Secondly, Peter had faith in Jesus. Mark 9:23 says all things are possible to him who believes. Faith is free and you do not have to pay for it. Faith is not something you look for, you have it already in you, and all you need is just to deploy it. It took a lot of faith in Jesus for Peter to make that request to walk on water with Him. It took a huge faith in God’s ability to save for David to take on Goliath – a giant and a champion. In the history of the world, no man had ever walked out of fire without even his clothes getting burnt except the three Hebrew men. Their strong faith in God made this happen. Thirdly, Peter was willing to step out of his comfort zone. Sitting quietly in the boat was more comfortable than walking on water. The reason why many have not been able to achieve great feats for Jesus is because they love their comfort zone. It is more comforting not to try at all than try and fail. Abraham first had to leave his comfort zone – his land, family and father’s house to an unknown place. Anyone who wants to achieve anything major in Jesus must be ready to get out of his comfort zone. He must be ready to move out of been an ordinary church member to become a worker; from praying for few minutes to praying for at least an hour and also conducting night vigils at home; from just paying tights and offering to giving God gifts that cost them ; and from  been shy to witnessing about Jesus in the public. The three Hebrew men proudly talked about God to the most powerful man on earth – Nebuchadnezzar. Lastly, Peter was able to achieve this feat because he was obedient to Jesus. When Jesus said “come”, He was referring to all the disciples but only Peter came. The other disciples acted like they did not hear Jesus when He said “come”. They Ignored Jesus but Peter did not.

KEY POINT: To achieve anything major in Jesus, you must be ready to: 1- take advantage of the opportunity to work for God; 2 – have faith in Jesus; 3 – move out your comfort zone and 4- obey Him.

A born again Christian. I love reading, watching my favorite team play, and meeting new people.

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