BIBLE IN ONE YEAR Gen 35-36, Mark 6, Job 2, Romans 6

Mark 11:17 and he taught, saying unto them, is it not written, My house shall be called of all nations of prayer? But ye have made it a den of thieves.

Bible studies: Mark 11:11-17

In our bible studies we read a very disturbing account of what transpired between Jesus and the church. Jesus the head and the owner of the church visited a temple to fellowship and have a good time with them. Because the visit meant a lot to Him, He got there very early hoping to perform signs and wonders , raise dead situations and marriages , restore lost opportunities , impart them, bless them and most importantly spend the night with them . He came fully prepared having spent quality time in praying and fasting and all that. When He got to the temple, He decided to inspect the temple and what He saw grieved Him greatly. He saw religious ceremonies carried out with no relationship to the Spirit. He saw commercialism, injustice, exploitation, hypocrisy and a disregard for the holiness of His Father. This made Him very sad; no one even acknowledged Him and by the time it was evening He left the church grieving in His heart. Just as He visited the temple, He visits churches today to inspect and bless them but He leaves disappointed. He sees the church turning into a social gathering instead of a spiritual gathering. He sees the church turning into a fashion centre, a place to display wealth and success. He sees a lot of activities that has nothing to do with the Spirit. He sees people fighting to the extent of hurting themselves over church posts; He sees the shepherd interested in what the sheep has to offer rather than feeding the sheep and He returns back to heaven in tears. A young girl died and went to heaven.She described an incident were Jesus was crying over souls going to hell . In her own words, she said “Jesus does not cry like humans, when He cries you can feel it even to His heart!”. She said it is a painful thing to see yet many churches make Him cry every Sunday. He visits many services and while everyone is busying having fun, He is at the back weeping because He is now invisible even in His church i.e. His house.

After the inspection, Jesus left. He returned the next morning and we saw a side of Jesus that I pray that no one will ever see. You see Jesus can be very loving .1 John 4:8 calls Him love. He can also be a consuming fire too. Hebrew 10:31 says it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Three particular activities made Him very angry – buying and selling; money changing and dove selling. There should be no buying and selling inside the church. Outside the church you are free to buy and sell. There should be no money changing, if you need to change money do it before you come into the church. Dove selling is selling of anointing handkerchiefs, apples e.t.c. and it is prohibited in the house of God! No commercial activity should take place inside the church. After throwing out the money changers, dove sellers, He taught them and told them that the church is a house of Prayer. The church is a place for serious business with God not man. It is not avenue to socialize at all. There is nothing wrong chatting with your friends after the service but whilst in the presence of the Most High it is serious business. The centre of attraction in the church should be Jesus not you or me or the pastor.

PRAYER POINT: Father, send revival into all your churches all over the world.

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