BIBLE IN ONE YEAR Gen 37, Mark 7, Job 3, Rom 7
Genesis 16:7 and the angel of the Lord her by a fountain of water in the wilderness, by the fountain in the way to Shur.
Bible studies: Genesis 16:7-14
Every one of us is pregnant . Some are pregnant with babies, ideas for expansions and other good things. In Genesis 16:7-14 is a story we all know. Immediately Hagar became pregnant her conduct and attitude changed towards her mistress – Sarai. Because of her disrespectful behavior, Sarai began to deal with her harshly and at a point she ran away. On her way the angel of the Lord met her and advised her to return to her mistress. She heeded to the voice of the angel and returned home.
There are one or two things to learn from this story. Firstly, God acknowledges and appreciates pregnant women. He pays special attention to them, and He expects us all to respect and care for them. It is a shame that in the society we live in today, people do not really appreciate them as they should and I believe there is more we can do when it comes to caring for them. There are some wicked husbands who physically abuse their pregnant wives or neglect them. There are some who will rather sit and watch a pregnant woman stand in the bus. This is bad and it should not be happening. Because of the stress Hagar was going through – a pregnant woman physically running away from her harsh mistress, God had to send an angel from heaven to her rescue. God has the same attitude towards anyone pregnant with ideas or any good thing. God loves serious minded people – people with vision and purpose. He will always go out of His way to send an angel to rescue them in trouble. Secondly, God is interested in what you are carrying. He puts measures into place to ensure that you do not miscarry what is inside you i.e. the baby, ideas, projects e.t.c. Hagar could have easily suffered miscarriage whilst running and the stress she was under would not have help matters. In other to ensure that she does not miscarry the baby, God sent an angel to guide her. God is very much interested in the safe delivery of the baby or ideas. This is why God frowns at abortion. Whether you believe it or not , abortion is the equivalent of murder. People may argue otherwise but according to Leviticus 17:11a , life of the creature is in the blood. The foetus in the womb has blood flowing through it and that is life.If you are reading this message and contemplating abortion , please refrain from it. If you have once had an abortion, please go to God for forgiveness immediately . If you are a guy who has consented to abortion with your partner in the past, please go to God for forgiveness.
PRAYER POINT: Father, help me not to miscarry my good plans in 2013!

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