MEMORY VERSE: and as they came out, they found a man of Cyrene, Simon by name: him they compelled to bear his cross, Matthew 27:32

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Deut 24, Ps 114-115, Isa 51, Rev 21

Many have asked that why would such a good and loving God create hell? Brethren, Hell was not created for man but for Satan and his angels, Isaiah 14:12-15. We are all predestined to go to Heaven; God created us to spend to eternity with Him but the fall of man changed that. We are given free will just as the angels – a third of who chose to follow Satan and rebel against God. We are predestined to go to heaven and be with our creator but the choices we make on this earth are what determines where we will go. God sent Jesus so that we might have everlasting life, John 3:16. John 10:10 says the thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. 

Jesus gave His life willingly on the cross of Calvary. He gave his life not because He wanted to be a superhero but out of love. John 15:13 says greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Everything Jesus went through from the moment Judas Iscariot betrayed Him to the cross of Calvary was for you. He was mercilessly beaten for our sake so that by His stripes we will be healed, Isaiah 53:5.

Jesus lost a lot of blood when He was beaten, when the time came to carry the heavy cross He could not because there was no more strength in Him. Theologians and Bible scholars said He fainted several times because of the weight of the cross. Out of nowhere a man called Simon appeared and agreed to carry the cross for Jesus. God strategically positioned this man to help Jesus bear the burden. Only God knows if Jesus would have made it to the cross, if Simon had not carry the cross that day. Today the Lord is looking for men and women like Simon who will bear the burden with Jesus. Simon gave up his time, energy, ambition, family, freedom e.t.c. to bear the burden with Christ. He could have been anywhere in the world but He chose to bear the burden with Jesus. He could busy doing a thousand and one things, but he abandoned all to carry the cross of Jesus. You might not be able to work as a missionary but you can support mission work by sponsoring a missionary today. You can give food, clothes, shoes, bags, bibles, used toys and other things the Lord lays on your mind to mission work. You can also pledge to give a small amount to support missionary monthly. Nothing is too small. Your gift of love would be used to win souls for Christ.

ACTION POINT: Support missionaries with your resources. They also need your prayers too.

A born again Christian. I love reading, watching my favorite team play, and meeting new people.

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