MEMORY VERSE: A man that hath friends must shew himself friendly: and there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother, Proverbs 18:24

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Josh 22, Acts 2, Jer 11, Matt 25

Unfriendliness has frustrated the grace of God upon the life of many. The reason why the glory of God is yet to manifest in the life of some is a result of not been friendly. Whatever it is you are going to become in life, you need humans. To fulfill that glorious destiny of yours you need people. No matter what you cannot do without people. Ninety per cent of the time when the Lord wants to bless a fellow, He sends people not angels. A very successful lawyer was sharing his story with us some months back when he came back from Nigeria. On his way to a town he needed to use the toilet so he parked at a filling station and approached the attendants. He asked the attendant who was at the till if he could use their toilet, she replied no in an unfriendly tone. He then approached the other attendant – a man and that one said no problem. After using the toilet, the lawyer introduced himself to this male attendant and told him that if he ever felt like visiting UK he should contact him. He gave him his business card and left.

There are some people who never smile. The reason why some singles are yet to find their life partners is because they are unfriendly and never smile. The question is who wants to live with a brother or sister who is not friendly? I always joke that whilst praying for a life partner, if i dream and see a sister who is frowning, when I wake up I would use the blood Jesus to cancel the bad dream. Why? Because I know moods are contagious. If you stay around happy people you will become happy and vice versa. Most of what we call the work of demons and house hold enemies are not at all. They are mostly the result of our unfriendliness. The reason why many are yet to be promoted despite how good they are at their job is because they are not friendly. The reason why many fail at interviews is because they are not friendly. I was indirectly involved in the recruitment of some staffs at my place of work. Two of the CVs were from former employees. One of them was unfriendly and the other was very friendly. The unfriendly fellow had the all required training and certificates but the friendly one only had experience. At the end of the day we picked the friendly one over the unfriendly one. Despite the fact that the friendly one had no certificates, my boss had no choice than to bend the rule for this fellow. The truth of the matter is who wants to work with an unfriendly colleague? No one.

I discovered that unfriendly people pay more when they go to buy things in the shop. When the seller is busy offering soft drinks and tea to friendly customers, he will be charging the unfriendly customers exorbitant price. Why? No one wants an unfriendly customer. Once they see that you are unfriendly, they will charge you exorbitant price to scare you away. I went to a shop with a friend to buy some items and the Indian seller told us it cost 140 pounds. My friend in a friendly tone said ‘accha let me give you 40’. The seller replied ‘accha please make it 60’. Accha means something good in Hindi. Anyway before i knew what was happening, my friend took out 40 pounds and the seller gladly handed over the item to us.

WISDOM: It pays to be friendly.

A born again Christian. I love reading, watching my favorite team play, and meeting new people.

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