MEMORY VERSE: i will praise the Lord according to His righteousness, and will sing praise to the name of the Lord Most High, Psalm 7:17 

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: 1 Sam 10, Rom 1, Jer 47, Luke 15

The reason why many of us do not give thanks to God as we should is because we focus on where we are going not where we are coming from. We forget how far the Lord has taken us, we forget where he took us from, and we forget His faithfulness in the past. Friends , instead of complaining about your current situation – you are yet to be married , yet to get a job, yet to be give birth ,yet to own a house or a car , yet to speak in tongues , yet to have one gift of the spirit or the other ,yet to start your own business , yet to get a breakthrough in ministry , take time out and think about where you are coming from. Let us compare where we were ten years ago and where we are today.

Anyone who knows how to reflect on his past will definitely know how to thank God. David was a thankful man because he reflects on his past i.e. where he came from. Bible scholars told us that he was an embarrassment to his father. The old man had an affair and David was the product of the affair. Because he was an embarrassment the old man preferred to keep him away from the house when he had guests. No wonder when Samuel asked Jesse to bring out all his sons, the old man purposely left him in the field because he didn’t want the prophet to know about the product of his illicit affair. Despite the past of David, the Lord anointed him king over Israel. This was why David was always thankful, even when he had challenges he still praised God. As long David as gave thanks, the Lord kept on lifting him above his challenges.

Part of been grateful is to acknowledge our past (some of which was terrible – talking about before we gave our life to Christ). If only we will think back, we will have cause to praise God. The same route we take to work every day, some take it and have accidents. One of the biggest causes of type 2 diabetes is the consumption of sugary drinks i.e. soft drinks. Many of us rarely drink water; we consume an average of eight to nine soft drinks a week. Some after eating don’t bother with water; they substitute water with sprite or coke. Many of our bodies should have broken down and stop functioning because of the consumption of fizzy drinks but yet we are hail and hearty. This is a reason to thank God. Those that are sick with wasting diseases or other incurable diseases are not sinners; it is by the mercy of God that we are alive. We sleep and wake up every morning not because of our alarm clock but because of God’s mercy. There are many who own alarm clocks that sleep and do not wake up.

ACTION POINT: Reflect back and give thanks.


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