MEMORY VERSE: Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment. Ecclesiastes 9:8

BIBLE IN ONE YEAR: Psalm 108-110

The bible uses seven symbols to describe the person and work of the Holy Spirit. These symbols show the nature, character and the work of the Holy Spirit. Today, we will talk about the Holy Spirit as oil. The oil serves several purposes. For instance, it helps to keep components in an engine working smoothly together. What the engine oil does in the engine is exactly the same thing the ‘anointing of the Holy Ghost’ does in the life of the believer. In other words, the ‘anointing of the Holy Ghost’ is to the believer what the engine oil is to the engine. Just as it is literally impossible to run an engine without the oil, it is impossible to do God’s work, run a ministry or occupy a ministerial post, without the anointing of the Holy Ghost. As such, whenever God calls people into ministry or gives them an assignment, the first thing He does is anoint them with the Holy Spirit. The ‘anointing of the Holy Spirit’, which is known as the ‘oil’ on a minister’s head makes it easy for the minister to do God’s work or run a ministry. We are able to write this daily devotional because of the ‘oil’ on our head. That sister or brother who led praise and worship in church last Sunday is able to do that because of the oil on their head.

The Engine oil also serves as a lubricant. It lubricates the moving
parts of an engine. It keeps them cool by lowering friction and carrying the heat away. After a while, the heat in the engine causes the oil to become gummy so that it doesn’t lubricate properly again. The longer it is in the engine, the dirtier and drier it gets. If the oil is not changed in time, the engine may develop problems or ‘knock’. Therefore, the engine oil needs to be changed from time to time. The fresh oil lubricates and cools better. The same thing with the ‘oil’ on a minister’s head, it helps him manage the pressures involved in ministry. It helps him bear the heat, pressure and meet the demands of the ministry. However, there is a need for spiritual servicing and the Most High God is the one who does the servicing. In other to start and finish well in ministry, one’s head must never lack oil. Ecclesiastes 9:8 says, “Let thy garments be always white; and let thy head lack no ointment.” In other to run this Christian race, one must ensure that his or her head does not lack oil. As such, one must always visit the holy hill of God regularly to get one’s head oiled. These are some of the few signs that your head may be lacking ‘oil’, firstly sweating. The moment you begin to find the work of God tedious, difficult and unbearable, it is a sign that your head is lacking oil. Another sign you need to watch out for is dryness in the spirit. For instance, you read the bible but you don’t get any revelation or insight. Anytime you lead prayers it is very dry. Your ministry is no longer impacting lives any more. These are some signs that you need oil. Another sign is the lack of ‘flow’. Maybe songs don’t flow as they normal do when you lead praise and worship. Or you observe that preparing sermons is becoming a burden. Ideas and points no longer flows as it used to. It is an indicator that your head is lacking oil. Instead of trying to make it work or forcing it, please return to the holy hill for some fresh oil.

PRAYER POINT: Father, pour your fresh oil upon me.


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