MEMORY VERSE: And let the peace of God rule in your hearts, to the which also ye are called in one body; and be ye thankful. Colossians 3:15


The gift of prophecy is manifested when believers SPEAK THE MIND OF GOD, by the INSPIRATION of the HOLY SPIRIT, and not from their own thoughts. There are three ways, the Scripture tells us, in which prophecy ministers to believers: edification (building up), Exhortation (urging on) and comfort (consoling). 1 Corinthians 14:3 says: “But he that prophesieth speaketh unto men to edification, and exhortation, and comfort.”

Prophecies come from three major sources. Firstly, flesh. A lot of the “thus saith the Lord of Hosts” today emanate from the flesh or are informed by personal agendas. Prophesying from the flesh is not new; the Bible is littered with several examples of men who prophesied as led by their flesh. An example of a prophet who prophesied as led by his flesh i.e. out of jealousy can be found in 1 Kings 13.The Lord sent a young brother to Bethel to prophesy against a particular altar. He gave this brother three instructions: You shall not eat bread, nor drink water, nor return by the same way you came (1 Kings 13:9). On his way back from prophesying, an old prophet met him and shouted, “Thus saith the Lord of Hosts, Bring him back with you to your house, that he may eat bread and drink water.” This naive brother said, “yes sir” and went home with him. On his way home after dining and eating with the prophet, a lion mauled him to death. Beware of any prophecy that is not in line with the Word of God. Please ignore any prophecy to do anything contrary to the Scriptures e.g. marry a second wife. A man of God, with a big financial challenge, was praying sometimes back when a “prophet” turned up at his door and said, “God said I should tell you to buy me a car!” What a prophecy! This man of God at that time was struggling to feed his family. He told the prophet, “Tell God I don’t have money to buy you a car”. The prophet left in shame. A prophecy to sleep with any man other than your husband before you can conceive is not from God.

Secondly, evil spirits or demons. King Ahab wanted to war against Ramoth Gilead so he gathered 400 prophets to prophesy (1 Kings 22). Verse 6 says: “Then the king of Israel gathered the prophets together, about four hundred men, and said unto them, Shall I go against Ramothgilead to battle, or shall I forbear? And they said, Go up; for the Lord shall deliver it into the hand of the king.” Unknown to him, these prophets were inspired by lying spirits (evil spirits). Thank God for men like King Jehoshaphat – a man with the Spirit of Discernment. He asked King Ahab “is there not here a prophet of the LORD besides that we might enquire of him?” You need the Spirit of Discernment to know the sources of a prophecy. Prophecies that come from evil spirits or demons are usually not in line with the Bible. Thirdly, Holy Spirit. Prophesies from the Holy Spirit are always IN LINE WITH THE BIBLE. Prophecies from God are either strengthening, encouraging or comforting (1 Corinthians 14:3).

NOTE: It is still present today, Christians are certainly given words for one another “in the Lord”, of knowledge or wisdom, and such words can be most refreshing and helpful, but there must be a WITNESS OF THE SPIRIT on the part of the person receiving the words, and extreme caution should be used in receiving any alleged directive or predictive prophecy. Never undertake any project simply because you were told to by presumed prophetic utterances or interpretation of tongues, or by a presumed word of wisdom, or knowledge. Never do something just because a friend comes to you and says: “The Lord told me to tell you to do thus and thus!” If the Lord has instructions for you, He will give you a witness in your own heart, in which case the words come from a friend, or through the gifts of the Holy Spirit in a meeting, will be confirmation to what God has already been showing you.


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